16:15:24 <jvreeland> #startmeeting Hyperscale SIG
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16:15:36 <jvreeland> #chair dcavalca jvreeland
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16:15:46 <jvreeland> Good morning sorry about the delay today
16:16:16 <davdunc> o/
16:18:19 <jvreeland> #topic Followups
16:19:03 <jvreeland> I don't have anything for this section and there's no followup from the last twoish meetings I'm aware of. Anyone else have anything?
16:21:41 <jvreeland> Alright seems good for followups
16:22:00 <jvreeland> #topic Announcements
16:23:17 <jvreeland> Also nothing from me on announcements for the beginning of the year. I believe there are people submitting conference talks maybe they have updates on acceptances?
16:25:54 <davdunc> https://devconfcz2022.sched.com/event/siJu/fedora-and-centos-hyperscale-and-cloud-meetup
16:25:58 <davdunc> #link https://devconfcz2022.sched.com/event/siJu/fedora-and-centos-hyperscale-and-cloud-meetup
16:26:18 <davdunc> jvreeland: I think I might need a chair.
16:26:41 <jvreeland> #link https://devconfcz2022.sched.com/event/siJu/fedora-and-centos-hyperscale-and-cloud-meetup
16:26:54 <davdunc> perfect.
16:27:38 <jvreeland> good deal
16:27:51 <jvreeland> moving on to tickets
16:27:54 <jvreeland> #topic Tickets
16:30:17 <jvreeland> carlwgeorge: Are you still the right person to talk to about getting our release package re-released? Context: https://pagure.io/centos-sig-hyperscale/sig/issue/71
16:32:53 <jvreeland> Any other tickets to go over?
16:38:25 <jvreeland> up next
16:38:31 <jvreeland> #topics Membership
16:40:20 <jvreeland> I believe our newest members are all setup. Are there any new membership requests?
16:41:49 <davdunc> I am good.
16:42:11 <davdunc> all of my member setup is completed.
16:42:32 <jvreeland> awesome, finally we have
16:42:38 <jvreeland> #topic Misc
16:44:15 <jvreeland> #info devconf is January 28-29th thanks to davdunc for the reminder
16:44:38 <davdunc> don't forget to participate in the meetup!
16:51:06 <jvreeland> Seems like we're good for today
16:52:56 <jvreeland> #endmeeting